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Certified tattoo studios IS NOW offering

3d aereola tattoo services

What is it?


Certified Tattoo Studios is now offering 3D Areola and Nipple Tattooing! This is a non-surgical cosmetic tattoo procedure. We want to provide you with the most natural 3D tattoo as possible. This is a procedure for clients who are not able to recover their areola or nipple after breast surgery or simply wanting to enhance their personal appearance. This is a very touchy subject where it is not easily spoken about or familiar with. We want you to feel comfortable in the skin you are in.


What is 3D Areola pigmentation? Areola pigmentation is a non surgical cosmetic procedure to create a natural nipple and areola. Instead of rebuilding a nipple surgically some patients chose to get tattooed on the reconstructed breast. The procedure is recommended when patient's have had any type of breast surgery and lost a nipple and areola in the process of it. 

Can this be done in one session? No, this can take a minimum of two or more sessions depending on how your skin heals. Right after the procedure the pigment may seem very dark but after it's fully healed it does lighten up 40-50% to give it a more natural look. Everybody's skin heals differently we cant guarantee how your skin heels 

Can I get tattooed over scars? Yes, depending on how old the scar is. If your scar is still red its still healing and may not be able to get tattooed over it till the scar looks white. Please keep in mind scars might heal darker from the area that is not scarred or may not hold pigment. We cant guarantee how skin heals

If I have sensitive skin should I do a patch test? Yes, when tattooing the nipple their is red pigment that is being used which is commonly allergic to. When the patch test is performed you must wear it for 24 hours results may not be right away. If there is an allergic reaction please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

How would I know if I am a good candidate for areola pigmentation? Usually when a patient has had any type of breast surgery that has caused them to lose one or two areolas and nipple it would be ideal. If you are looking to just enhance your physical appearance or plain out just for fun to enlarge, darken or redefine the nipple an areola.

Can I get this done if I have breast implants? Yes, you must wait 4-6 weeks after surgery if you have no signs of pain you can move forward with the procedure. If you are still feeling slight pain you will have to wait longer until fully healed and no pain is present

How will I know when I need a touch up down the road? Most likely a yearly touch up would be good to freshen up the pigment. It also depends on you if you feel that the treated area looks amazing still color is still rich and you are happy with the results you are okay with waiting longer till the color does fade.

Do I have to get both my nipple and areola's tattooed? No, you can get one tattooed. It is important to let your technician know in order to match the on the opposite side.

Is it going to hurt? Everyone's pain tolerance is different. Depending on the type of surgery and healing results will determine pain tolerance.After surgery it can either increase the pain tolerance or leave no feeling at all

How long does it take to heal? It can take up to 4-6 weeks or longer. The condition of the skin can play a huge factor on healing time. You must properly follow aftercare instructions in order to give you the best results and to avoid infection in treated area. It is normal to see any redness, scabbing or swelling the breast area is a very tender area to tattoo. If the skin is raised at all their is a chance the pigment will not hold.