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Certified tattoo studios IS NOW offering premium fading and tattoo removal services.



As a top-notch tattoo studio, it may seem strange for us to offer a removal service. However, we know that everyone makes mistakes, but even more so we believe that mistakes can be replaced. 


At Certified, we are making it easier, cheaper, and more convenient to access laser tattoo removal without having to deal with oddly medically-based services. We see tattoo fading as an opportunity to move onto some brand new artwork that's just as timeless as your skin is. Second chances are important to everyone, especially us. 



As a rule of thumb, our laser removal or fading prices are strongly based off one-on-one consultation with our specialists. We offer some of the best pricing in the state and flexible payment plans, as it can take several sessions to fully finish the removal process. We price our removals and fadings off of the square-inch of your actual tattoo, not just the area your tattoo takes up. We know every tattoo is not a perfect shape, so we are just as flexible as your artwork. 


Many of our artists are booked out for long stretches of time, so fading your unwanted tattoos during your waiting time is a perfect way to utilize the months between or before sessions. We are not the same as your run-of-the-mill removal establishments; we care about art. We offer consultations to replace your unwanted tattoos with ink more beautiful and brilliant than ever before.

Tattoo cover-ups are a re-investment into yourself and your story, and we're here to help every step of the way.