ORIGINALLY Founded In 2006 by yeyo mondragon, certified tattoo studios has made its mark as DENVER'S PREmiERE TATTOO DESTINATION, with two new locations and growing.


We are Certified.

We believe in art.

We believe in creative expression, and we believe everyone
has the right to appreciate it, on a wall, on a canvas, on skin.

We believe high -quality art is its own reward.

We believe in creating community around that art,
a place where artists and art lovers can come together. 

We believe the tattoo shop is one of those communities,
and we welcome anyone who feels inspired by what we do.

We believe in humility. We are tattoo artists, not primadonnas. 

We believe we are the best at what we do,
and that belief is backed up by our work,
not by arrogance and attitude.

We believe that the best work is born of collaboration. 

Want a Tasmanian Devil on your calf? We can do that.
But we’re going to walk you through all the options,
so you end up with the best Tasmanian Devil tattoo you ever saw.
Want a full back piece? We can do that too,
But you’re going to get the same attention and quality of work either way. 

Because at Certified, tattoo culture is OUR culture, 

It’s our way of life. We live and breathe this passion,
and we want you to be a part of it.

Join us.