Open Positions


Resident Tattoo Artist

We're rapidly expanding, so we're open and ready to hire artists, both established and not. However, all of our artists share something in common: they're incredibly talented at their specialities. Wether you work in all black or strictly color, traditional or unconventional, we're interested in growing our roster in an incredible way.



  • All of our artists are known for their professionalism and presence. Working well with others is an absolute must, especially with clients, both current and potential. No drama, no attitude and a positive personality are all core values of our shop.

  • A high-quality, diverse portfolio is what we're looking for. Having an established style is preferred, but we recognize talent at any capacity. Your work should speak for itself and demonstrate technique and skill.

  • Organized, cleanly and punctual. We're willing to work with your schedules as we have several locations and schedules ourselves.

  • Applying with us is no different than other shops you've applied for, we just appreciate and have an eye for perfection and professionalism. Bring your best, and we'll bring ours.


With over 30 artists and nearly 3 locations, we have a lot of tasks that need to get taken care of that isn't creating amazing tattoos. Working the front desk at Certified is an experience itself, and you're welcomed into the family just as much as any artist is. We don't just have our friends or our apprentices booking our appointments, we have real, genuine customer service people to help our customers.



  • Proficient at handling large E-Mail Inboxes through G-Suite.

  • Professional and Motivated attitude with a genuine interest in the tattoo culture is more than appreciated.

  • Flexibility and willingness to work at several locations for a variety of work environments.

  • Can handle working events and working as a team in order to finish large-scale tasks with other staff members and artists.


It's time we started growing our team of piercing artists. Between our locations, we're looking to add more staff members in this field to keep up with our influx of customers. 


  • Professionalism and presence. You will be routinely working with anyone from ages 14-65, so a friendly and inviting conversationalist with skills to ease some of our customers potential anxiety is preferred.

  • Extremely clean and organized.

  • Knowledge of a wide range of body piercings and jewelry. Certified has some of the widest selection of jewelry, both custom and not.

  • Organized, cleanly and punctual. We're willing to work with your schedules as we have several locations and schedules ourselves.

  • A portfolio of past piercings.